Friday, April 20, 2012

By the time the holidays rolled around I was highly suspicious that I still had active Cushings.  My symptoms were not resolving or showing any progress in that direction.  I had a phone appointment with Dr Friedman mid-January and he recommending I re-test.  It was so disappointing and frustrating to think about not only having gone through the surgery and recovery, but testing again.  Testing is a long process for cyclic Cushies.  I tested for 3 weeks and that was long enough to see my body was making too much cortisol still.  The post-op MRI that I did in December showed a 'suspicious' area.  It is important when having a pituitary MRI to have the dynamic protocol, this is done by having the contrast injected through IV while the scan is being done.  If there is a tumor the contrast will not 'fill' the gland symmetrically. 

I contacted my neurosurgeon and scheduled my second pituitary surgery for March 8, 2012.   


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