Tuesday, April 10, 2012

There are only a handful of neurosurgeons that have done the number of pituitary surgeries to be considered among the skilled and qualified.  At first I thought was going to have to travel to Pittsburgh, but then learned of one such surgeon who came from Pittsburgh a year prior and was only 30 minutes from my home, at Ohio State University Medical Center.  My husband and I went to consult with him and both felt very comfortable with his experience, and he is one of the most caring doctors I know.  I definitely liked the idea of having surgery closer to home; I believe that I got better post-op care since I was able to easily return for follow-up appointments.  Another factor I considered a benefit was that this neurosurgeon has a co-surgeon, and ENT, do the surgery alongside.  The surgery is done endoscopic endonasal and so who better than to open the doorway than an ENT. 

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