Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday morning 5 a.m. blood draw and I am feeling like total crap. Unbeknownst to me, my nurse has called my neurosurgeon concerned about me. Now she was my biggest advocate and really seemed to be on top of things, she really didn’t understand that I wanted my cortisol to keeping dropping. She kept assuring me that it was ‘in range’ when I’d ask about my most recent labs. I’m not sure if it clicked or she just knew I needed something, but her call got my hydro started. By the time my neurosurgeon comes to see me Sunday morning I am feeling a little better. Up until this point there has been some concern of DI (Diabetes insipidus)  as my urine output was really high. But my new favorite nurse goes back through all my chart and adds up exactly how much IV fluid I have received versus my output and declares it a balance. I realize I’m probably the minority here but I really didn’t want my catheter out! I knew I was going to be frequenting the restroom much more than I was ready to think about moving yet. Thankfully, by the time they pulled it that afternoon my output had resolved and it was like immediately normal. And I mean normal like it hasn’t been in a long time, Cushings definitely kicked my kidneys into overdrive,but now it seems more in a normal volume. Sunday afternoon I walked a lap around the nurses station.
Early Monday morning the ENT team comes and thankfully pull the nasal splints out, and I’m being transitioned to all oral meds . I am still not sure I feel completely ready to go home, but my poor husband has been spending every night with me and I know he’s wiped out. Then I get a roommate. That was my final motivator. I manage to take a shower and get discharged about 3 pm.

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