Saturday, April 14, 2012

Endoscopic endonasal pituiaty surgery

On Aug 26, 2011  I went to Ohio State University for pituitary surgery.   I elected to have my ENT shrink my nasal turbinates while he was up in there, in hopes of stopping my snoring and maybe one day sleep better

A very early morning of 4 a.m. for the pre-op shower of harsh soap and no hair conditioner or moisturizer! Arrive at the hospital of 5 a.m. for quick registration and onto pre-op prep. Five hours later under anesthesia and surgery done.

It fascinates me how clearly I can hear and understand what is being said in the recovery room, but not muster up enough energy to utter a word. My neurosurgeon comes to check on me and explained what he found, etc. On my MRI initially a suspicious area on the left side, which was confirmed by IPSS two weeks pre-surgery. However, I was disappointed to learn that when he got there, he did not find a defined tumor. Instead he saw ‘highly suspicious’ abnormal looking cells and removed the left 25% of my gland. He explored the remaining gland, making 3-4 cuts, and found the remainder to be healthy looking.

After finally getting a spot on the progressive monitoring unit, rather than ICU, I am settled in my room early Friday evening. After this move they took my diuladid away….and I’ll be honest morphine was hardly touching my headache. Thankfully the nurses on this floor are great advocates in contacting my surgeons and getting my diuladid back.   My cortisol labs are checked every 6 hours, thankfully for the first 24 hrs they left my A-line in and was able to draw from it.   He assured me that my headache is a good sign and as long as the diuladid is there I can make it through, I’m sure of it.

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