Thursday, April 26, 2012

this low this week is kicking my butt!  i took our new puppy on a walk at lunchtime, for 40 mins....a stroll that included a stop at the walking path where she could run some 'laps' and burn some energy and it wiped me out...good and proper.  i even took a kinda nap this afternoon...the kind where you fall asleep but wake yourself up and realize it's only been 10 minutes.  those are the kinds of naps I'm capable of these days.  Days like today I'd love to sleep and hour and wake up refreshed and energized and finish out my day strong.  I'll be honest, I'm already counting down the hours to jammie-time (said in my best MCHammer impression).  I miss the days of going non-stop and being productive....I have a list of easy things to-do and nothing got done today and it's not looking promising.  I really think unless you have a chronic illness or live with a family member with one, it's just not possible to understand the depths of the fatigue it brings.  I am so fortunate that God has blessed my life in that I can take these days as slow and non-productive as I need too.  it does take it toll mentally though...nobody wants to feel like they are drowning in 'life'!

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